Job Title: Experimental Quantum Information Postdoctoral Scholar – University of Washington

Date of Postdoc Position Posting: 8/11/2022

Postdoctoral Position Discipline: Physical Sciences – Optics

  • Application Deadline: October 1, 2022
  • Position Location: Seattle, WA
  • RUA Affiliated Institution: University of Washington
  • Link to Group Website

Position Description

The Quantum Defect Laboratory at the University of Washington (UW), Seattle is seeking two highly talented and motivated postdoctoral researcher to work in the area of experimental quantum information, communication and sensing. In the area of integrated quantum photonic devices, we are seeking transformation advances in efficient spin-photon interfaces and optical-to-optical photon frequency conversion. In the area of emerging defects, we are synthesizing homogeneous electron-nuclear qubit system in optically active, II-VI semiconductors and novel new sensors based on colloidal nanoparticles.

Required Qualifications

PhD in physics, EE or related field.

Desired Qualifications

We are looking for researchers with experience related to one or more of the following areas: quantum emitter spectroscopy, confocal microscopy, pump-probe spectroscopy, quantum optics, electromagnetic design, nanofabrication, RF design, and cryogenics.

Additional Position Details

  • Opportunity for teaching: Yes
  • Opportunity for supervision/mentoring: Yes
  • Opportunity for community outreach and engagement: Yes

How to Apply:

Please send your CV to Prof. Kai-Mei Fu at